All About LOCPS

Left of Centre Photography ServicesLeft of Centre Photography Services is a unique, service oriented company formed in early 2004 by photographers Amy Douglas and Jeff Wilkinson. After meeting and working together for two years at a large Toronto studio, they formed LOCPS to provide a different option to the high volume studio – an option where the approach is relaxed yet professional, where fun and frivolity are captured, and where the client and their needs are paramount.

As a graduate of Sheridan College’s esteemed Applied Photography course, Amy specialized in the commercial aspects of photography when entering her professional life. In the years since, she has also proven to be a master at capturing the fleeting, candid moments that life provides, whether they occur while photographing a small child in a studio session or during a once in a lifetime event, such as a wedding. Her exacting eye for perfection and exceptional Photoshop skills are valuable assets in today’s photographic climate.

Over six years experience at a high-end studio to start his photography career was enough to show Jeff that his true strength lies in the photography of people. A master at making people at ease in front of the lens, he has the ability to capture the subject’s essence almost effortlessly. Always looking for a challenge, Jeff has been able to consistently impress his clients with providing images that far surpass their expectations. Together, Amy and Jeff form a dynamic pair that offers an enthusiastic photography team to tackle any project.

Since its inception, LOCPS has been located in the historic downtown of Georgetown, Ontario. Their current location (and last one, according to Jeff!) is in their wonderful Arts and Crafts style home, which dates back to 1923. From this home base, Amy and Jeff are able to provide a cozy and comfortable studio environment for indoor sessions – as well as a wonderful outdoor portrait garden, which backs onto a stunning wooded ravine. Although only a scant forty-five minute drive from Toronto, the surrounding farm land and natural beauty of the town makes one feel like you’re a lot further away from the big city.

After photographing countless weddings, Amy and Jeff themselves were married in 2008, and, in October of 2009 welcomed their first child – a son named Quinn, and shortly followed by their daughter Savannah in 2012. Although they are not quite old enough to pick up a camera, and join the company (although Q tries), they seem to know what to do in front of it…sometimes!

Utilizing the latest in digital photography techniques, Left of Centre Photography Services is tailored for the client who expects quality. From the initial contact to the completion of the work, the bottom line for Amy and Jeff will always be the complete satisfaction of their clients.


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