Paletta Mansion Family Photography Session Celebrating A 15 Year Anniversary!

This photography session was a special one because Melina and her husband, Pablo, wanted to honour their 15th wedding anniversary. After renewing their vows in Vegas on a solo getaway, they wanted to capture this milestone with a photo session that showcased their dressy attire and included their two beautiful children. They wanted to incorporate their original wedding photo from 15 years ago into some of their family poses and, with great lighting and classy propping, I think we managed to give them something special that they will cherish and look back on for many anniversaries to come!  It was especially adorable when Jeff and I were photographing just Melina and Pablo and the children kept sneaking into the photo and giggling, which made us all giggle.  It really represented just how much this family loves each other and that is such a wonderful thing to feel and have the ability capture in imagery.

This session took place at Paletta Mansion. Situated on Lake Ontario, the mansion faces the lake with a mass of green space and a gorgeous garden surrounding its beautiful stately grounds. The mansion features a stone veranda and stairs which are simply stunning making it a photographers dream as the area offers great variety for our sessions. Although the estate is best known for their weddings it is also a beautiful place to do a family portrait session.

LOCPS xoxox

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