Logo Design and Rebranding Help!

I am excited to announce that Jeff and I are in the process of completely overhauling our website! We’ve decided to freshen things up with a completely new layout and feel to our site. We’ve been busy sorting images, adding new categories, preparing category write-ups and figuring out how we want things to work visually.  Although our website is coming together nicely behind the scenes we have come to a road block and need your help!

See, we got to talking and decided perhaps it was time for a new logo. A completely fresh look with our rebranding project. No problem right? WRONG! Here’s how things went down… it was a cold and rainy night, I went to work designing logo after logo, cursing Jeff and myself for choosing such a long company name that was awkward and giving me grief in my layouts.  Finally after blood, sweat and tears I had some samples to show Jeff… only to get most of them turned down!! Grudgingly I went back to the drawing board and created some more, where we ran into the opposite problem, and couldn’t decide or agree on one. Jeff hasn’t yet realized that I am ALWAYS right. Then we had a great idea and finally agreed by deciding to ask all of you. Since you were so responsive and helpful when I was trying to select my corporate headshot we wanted to enlist all of you again to help us narrow down our new logo!

It was either that or murder, and frankly Jeff is far too pretty to go to jail!

Below is a list of Left of Centre Photography logo options, the first one (number 1.) is our current logo.

Please, please, PLEASE give us your opinion on your favourite logo, before I go completely insane!  I can’t wait to hear what you all think and which logo is your favourite. I know you will all pick my favourite and I can gloat openly to Jeff about how amazing and right I am!

LOCPS xoxoxo

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