Photography Background Haul!

A couple of weeks ago we were kidless for a few days after the Grandparents decided to entertain them for the weekend. They may not be fully sane to take our children for more than one night, but seeing as they are able-bodied and the kids always come home completely happy with their time away we don’t question it.  In fact we don’t ask anything, because what happens at Grandma’s and Papa’s definitely stays at Grandmas and Papa’s! So what did Jeff and I get up to with no kids to consider…? We went shopping and ended up with a HUGE PHOTOGRAPHY BACKDROP HAUL of course!!!! That’s the answer you were all expecting, right?

It was a glorious day of shopping, with coffee in hand and stars in my eyes I picked out several new beanbag covers for my newborn sessions, four new backgrounds for children and cake smash sessions and a new wicker bowl for newborn and baby sessions (because you can never have too many bowls!). I also got an adorable little brown furry rug (faux fur of course) that is perfect to change-up our flooring! I was truly like a kid in a candy store (I blame the caffeine) and I had so much fun, I may now officially have a background and prop shopping “problem” or “addiction”, but admitting it is the first step, right?   I have tested out one of the backgrounds and my new furry floor, so stayed tuned for photos featuring those!

I am always looking to add something unique to my sessions, whether it is a backdrop, floor, props or outfits.  What is your favourite thing to see in photographs? What do you wish photographers used more of? Leave your comments below, I will read all of them!

Here are some photographs of my little haul-

Photographed above is our new grey polka dot background, beanbag covers, bowl and new floor!

A close up of the beanbag covers I bought for newborn sessions with my new furry floor and wicker bowl. Loving the neutrals right now, they are so beautiful and will let the baby shine!

My new backdrops shown in 3 of the 4 colours purchased. There’s green, blue, pink and grey (not shown). They are absolutely perfect for our cake smash sessions as well as children portraiture.

Close up of the grey background!

All backgrounds can been seen here, with the grey set up. New floor and bowl rockin’ the scene!

Feel free to like, share and comment.  I would love to hear your feedback on your favourite props! See you next week!

LOCPS xoxoxo

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