We have a new Backdrop! Part 1

I am always looking for ways to change things up when photographing newborns and children.  Usually this can be accomplished with some new propping, angling and, of course, lighting.  Every once in a while I go completely off the rails and buy a new backdrop. This is one of those times.  Although I usually stay away from really scenic looks I found two that I just couldn’t pass up. In this post I am going to tease you with just one; because I am evil like that!

Here it is, my new starry night backdrop. EEEEEE! I am excited to start using this… I have already thought of some DIY projects for Jeff to do to add to it! He loves when I come up with projects for him.

I will be posting some sessions with this background ASAP and stay tuned for my New Backdrop Part 2 post where I expose our second purchase!

LOCPS xoxo

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