Life has been a Whirlwind at LOCPS!

Usually after the Holiday season things slow down in the photography world.  It’s far too cold outside (especially this year) to do outdoor portraits and our in-studio rush happens before December 25th.  This year, things have been a little different…

In mid December I took on a seven week contract with a Graphic Design company, which took me out of LOCPS’s office and into a completely different area of the Arts.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Murray Graphics Limited and would do it again in a heartbeat.  I made some new friends, learned a lot and experienced other ways to be creative.  I was gone from 7am until 5pm and then working on photography projects in the evenings.  Fitting in photo sessions whenever possible, and editing them late into the night was difficult, but well worth it.  Needless to say, something had to give.  Unfortunately one of the things that suffered was our blog.

I now have a mountain of images I can’t wait to share with you!  I thank everyone who reads this for their patience.  I promise I will try my hardest to be better prepared in the future!

Also, in celebration of starting fresh, I have changed the look of our blog! I hope you enjoy it and your comments are always welcome!

LOCPS xoxo

Left of Centre Photography







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