Flower Power with Left of Centre Photography’s Photographs

With the gorgeous weather we have been having in Georgetown Ontario lately I have been spending much of my time outdoors and unfortunately most of my time in the backyard.  I say unfortunately because my backyard has been looking so incredibly sad.  Other than the huge, but very cool, play set we put in last year for the kids the rest of our space is looking downright pathetic.  I needed inspiration… and SOON! I casually flipped through the odd gardening magazine (where to be honest I just looked at the pictures) and still drew a complete blank while staring at my own gardening space.  It just so happened that the Georgetown Horticultural Society was having a Garden Tour on Sunday and I decided it was time to see what people locally were doing with their gardens.  If you haven’t heard of the Garden Tour in Georgetown I would suggest looking into it for next year. Simply put, local people volunteer their gardens to become open to all who buy a ticket from the Georgetown Horticultural Society and they let us walk through their spaces, ask questions and take photographs.   It was perfect! Equipped with my camera I perused great backyards and skipped the extended research of seeing what the heck won’t die in my own backyard because hey if it’ll live in a backyard a few blocks away from my own chances are at least 50% better that I can be successful too! After 5 houses and a tour around the Watch Tower gardens I am feeling much more inspired to grab a shovel and start working on my own backyard!  I feel a backyard landscaping blog in my near future… now where’s my shovel?  🙂

If you want more information check out the Georgetown Horticultural Society’s website-


Check out some great flower shots I photographed and Enjoy!

LOCPS xoxox

Left of Centre Photography Services




_DSC4157 _DSC4113 _DSC4115 _DSC4116 _DSC4125 _DSC4129 _DSC4144 _DSC4152 _DSC4133 _DSC4160 _DSC4161 _DSC4150 _DSC4164 _DSC4168 _DSC4169 _DSC4171 _DSC4172 _DSC4137






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