Father’s Day Photographic Memories in Georgetown!

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  This can be both an exciting and painful day for many. In my case I am just trying to take it all in, and remember it.  I am flooded with childhood memories with my father (and I am lucky enough to still have him around) as well as trying to get my brain to record all the happenings with my children and their father.

The morning of Father’s Day I played the dutiful wife and got up with both kids (yes I am usually the fortunate one who gets to sleep in an extra 30 minutes and drool all over both pillows while my husband gets up and starts the kids off on their day).  I allowed him to sleep in for an hour and a half before bringing him breakfast in bed, pancakes and orange juice which I had help making from our 4-year-old.  We ran upstairs, Quinn carrying a present he made for Jeff at school (a cute key chain and card), me carrying a tray and trying to convince our 2-year-old (who was wearing her bother’s shoes and hat) to join us in wishing Daddy and Happy Father’s Day.  He awoke to the complete bliss of both kids jumping on his head and screaming.  After opening his present from Quinn I gently placed his much earned breakfast in front of him, as he reached for the fork Quinn’s hand shooting with bullet speed picked it up first and started digging in! Savannah then grabbed his orange juice and drank it all.  After laughing our heads off for five minutes I quickly ran downstairs a made more much-needed pancakes and brought them up for a picnic in bed.  So, although this wasn’t a picture perfect Father’s Day with doting children it was OUR Father’s Day… and having two full of pancake happy kids to share it with made it even better.  To top everything off Quinn and his Dad went to the Georgetown Classic Car Show and had a blast.  Find photographs below.

How did you spend your Father’s Day?

We would love you to share what memories you have?


LOCPS xoxoxo

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