Ashley & Darren Tie the Knot! Wedding Photography

A few months ago we posted Ashley and Darren’s engagement photos, and now they’ve taken the plunge and tied the knot!!! And Ashley very lovingly expressed her feelings for her new Hubby by trying to bash him with her bouquet at every chance she could get… and Darren very lovingly took it!  This fun loving couple were great to photograph and you can see how happy they are in the photos. Check them out and Enjoy!


LOCPS xoxoxo

140518-246 140518-206 140518-218 140518-175 140518-229 140518-289 140518-271 140518-278 140518-275 140518-216 140518-249 140518-543 140518-585 140518-593 140518-629 140518-803 140518-683 140518-753 140518-855


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