We now offer Graphic Design… and potty training!

It’s pushing a month since my last post.  I was off for a few weeks due to having some surgery done (yes, I needed to have surgery in order to force myself to take time off!) all went well and once I stepped back into the office I had stacks of orders, and emails all giving me the evil eye.  So, since that time no one has been able to find me under my pile of papers… who knew that photographers would deal with so much paper! I have finally broken free of the numerous headshots, wedding albums (2 down and 2 to go), family portraits and corporate events… then I got a little cocky, so not only have I had surgery and  returned to a mess of work, somewhere in my brain I thought it would be a great idea to branch our business (officially!) into graphic design…. oh, and potty train our 2 year old as well (no it wasn’t brain surgery I had, yes, I am just that crazy).

We’ve always done our share of Graphic Design, but never really promoted it.  Now that our two babes are no longer really babes (Savannah is officially in a big girl bed now, we had a blast destroying the crib in celebration) we can now focus on expanding our business into offering design.  Perfect right? RIGHT?! Needless to say something had to give a little (sorry blog and husband, I do love you and remember you fondly).

So the uphill battle will continue, probably covered in pee.  So if you see me in the grocery store and I look like a zombie please feel free to encourage me to not give up with potty training (if Savannah is as bad as her brother I may leave her in diapers until High School) and feel free to lie to me and tell me how wonderful I look, just no pats on the back, even the slightest touch could make me fall over!

Keep reading and looking for some of our graphic samples soon to come!

Until my next blog, which will hopefully be before next month please enjoy a variety of some of what we’ve been up to.  And to the clients that I haven’t finished your orders (you know who you are) I am totally working on it… and if you like kids and aren’t afraid of pee please come on over!


LOCPS xoxo


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