Baby Harper, Oh so Sweet & 2 months old!

We are having baby fever here at LOCPS and personally I LOVE it!  Every stage in a child’s first year is so important.  They change so quickly that a month is more like a year for them in terms of physical and mental development as well as the way they look.  We always have people comment on who our children look like, and you would be surprised to find that it’s a tie in our situation, some say they look like me (they better I did all the work!!!) and others say my husband.  But it’s all in great fun because they are forever changing.  And although I agree that newborn photos are so extremely important, I think the time until a child reaches 6 months can sometimes be over looked.  We had a great time photographing Harper (love the name!) at two months old, and I know her parents are going to cherish these images, not just cause they’re awesome (I’m patting myself on the back since Jeff never does!), but because when they look back on these even one year from now they will be shocked to see the change! Take a look and don’t worry, it’s ok if you catch yourself saying “Awwwee” to the computer screen!

LOCPS xoxo

#babyhour #photography

140303-142 140303-102 140303-185 140303-201 140303-123 140303-156 140303-129 140303-160 140303-170 140303-192 140303-209 140303-144


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