Beautiful baby Owen photographs with LOCPS

There is something so beautiful about babies.  Maybe, it’s the way they smell and the peaceful way they sleep.  I know anyone who is a parent feels this, when they are not completely sleep deprived and surviving on coffee or adrenaline.  I’d like to reassure everyone that it gets better… but having  a 4 and almost 2 year old myself… it doesn’t actually get better the chaos just changes.  Though with slightly more sleep under your belt you feel you can tackle this head on… or with a mop and bucket!

We had the privilege of photographing Melissa and Nicks wedding and were so happy to hear that they were expecting.  Once we met Owen we saw why they were so in love with their adorable little guy! He has a very relaxed personality and you can definitely see it in the photos.  He was also the first baby we had who didn’t pee on absolutely everything! Here are some pics!

LOCPS xoxo


140213-228 140213-136 140213-151 140213-124 140213-206 140213-196 140213-215 140213-177 140213-226


2 thoughts on “Beautiful baby Owen photographs with LOCPS

  1. Jeff and Amy, so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for capturing our handsome grandson and his very special mommy and daddy!!!! I know we are a little (okay, maybe a lot!) partial, however, are they not the most gorgeous family ever!!! 🙂 Cannot wait to see more :>
    Andy and Sylvia (Papa and Oma)!!!!


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