Sniff, Sniff…Love is in the air!

There’s not just a boatload of freezing snow in the air here at Left of Centre Photography Services… we’re starting to feel the warmth and glow of… well… Love actually (awesome movie btw).  That’s right, LOVE.  Don’t worry, you won’t …see Jeff and I kissing to uber romantic music… but we are going to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Can you feel the love now?
So what a great time to get photos taken, whether with your hunny, children or family this is the perfect time to show everyone some LOVE and whenever you see the photos after (hopefully framed on your wall…ahem) you will be reminded of how many people you love and how loved YOU are.  I’m getting tingly just thinking about it, aren’t you?
See our adorable AD below and feel free to contact me to book or ask questions.
xoxox (to uber romantic music of course!) LOCPS

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