Oh Fall how I will miss you!

Now that we are coming to the end of my most favourite season I can’t help but feel a little sad.  I love fall, there is something about the smell, colours and light that really affects ones senses.  There is nothing better than walking in the countryside, giving a deep clean breath and getting a full whiff of, well, dead and dying vegetation.  I know that may not paint a pretty picture, but I just love it.  Looking for that perfect leaf, feeling the sun warm the top of your head while the coolness nips at your nose, for me this is pure bliss.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.  Fall is the shortest season of the year and it opens the door to my least favourite time of year; winter.  I shiver with the thought of it.  I apologize to winter enthusiasts and ski lovers but winter is not for me. See, I hate to be cold, not only that, but I am very fair and I find that people with fair skin don’t look beautiful in the winter.  We turn all pink and purple and look like a mess.  I am getting ahead of myself though, we haven’t even experienced the first snowfall yet and here I am getting gloomy.  Here are some fall photos I want to share to celebrate and hold on to the last moments of this stunning time of year.  Please enjoy these family photos, and hopefully you can feel the sun warming your head and a little nip at your nose.

Our Love

LOCPS xoxoxox

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