My Birthday Smash Cake!

Back in August I posted about a little girl doing a smash cake for her 1st Birthday… I then made a tongue in cheek comment that I would do the same for my upcoming Birthday.  Little did I know my husband (who has so little to do with the blog I was shocked he read it) took me up on that and surprised me (well tried to but our son ratted him out…thank goodness) with a photo shoot of our own for my 30th Birthday.  Sigh… yes I am 30… the big 3-0, the dirty 30, over the hill (I will take more catch phrases if you have them).

So off we go to a fellow photographers studio to do our personal family photos and smash cake.  Which as awesome as it is, I need to fill you in on one little tidbit.  Our almost 4 year old son HATES getting dirty.  On Quinn’s first Birthday I did a smash cake and he screamed…. in front of 30 family members who tried not to look embarrassed on our behalf.  It was a terrible experience but I didn’t let that get me down.  For our daughter’s first Birthday I did the same… shockingly with great success!  I will let the photos speak for themselves, but I personally I think it is hilarious that we are covered in cake, all except for our son who has minimal cake on him and is participating by eating it with a SPOON! Priceless!!!

What a great way to truly turn DIRTY 30!!!

Please Enjoy!

Our Love



_MG_0025 _MG_0033 _MG_0032 _MG_0035 _MG_0036 _MG_0119 _MG_0123 _MG_0124 _MG_0125 _MG_0126 _MG_0128 _MG_0156


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