Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

A mere five years ago Jeff and I said “I do”, after I cried out to family and friends “this is BRUTAL” whilst attempting to read off my vows (thankfully everyone laughed). To anyone out there getting married, either do the classical version of your wedding vows, you know, the repeat after me ones, OR,  please memorize them!    See we were busy… and lazy! In my defense, we had just moved into our new house a few weeks before our wedding… but if I am brutally honest (the pun was intended) even if we hadn’t had so much on our plate I probably still wouldn’t have taken the time to memorize them.  Your wedding day is an emotional one and no matter how tough you think you are those tears streaming down your face know better.

Now here we are five years later, with two children, a home, a business and each other. Don’t worry, I am not about to get all soppy on you. Anyone who knows us will tell you we love each other very much, and it isn’t in the Twilight- Edward and Bella non smiling, mouth open sort of  way.  There’s no intense staring… unless we are trying to win an argument and attempting to stare each other down. We’re goofy, and that was a feature we looked for in one another. There’s no music playing in the background of our day to day lives… actually that’s a lie because Jeff is often singing and I am often left with a blank look on my face… because I am trying to figure out what the hell the song is he is trying to sing!

So we do not fall under the category of Edward and Bella, but there is a lot of laughter and happiness in our lives (and thankfully no vampires). We are best friends who decided to take it a step further and seal the deal. We are partners in crime and, most importantly, a team in life.

All in all our wedding day was close to perfect! The weather was gorgeous, we were surrounded by family and friends and for dinner we all had steak that would bring a tear to even the harshest critic’s eye!

Happy 5th Anniversary Jeff! I love you!

Amy_1288 Amy_0031 Amy_0302 Amy_0303 Amy_0377 Amy_0375 Amy_0807 Amy_0765


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