Bad Girl!

I was doing so well; almost a post per day. I was even impressing myself, which is actually hard to do (I have high standards!).  Now here I sit after… sob… 2 weeks of absolutely no posting feeing a little… well… empty.  See, I have become friends with my blog in this short time, and am always excited to see how many of you have been perusing what I have to show and say.  Jeff, my husband and partner here at LOCPS has needed to increase his optical prescription from all the eye rolling he does whenever I announce that we once again have a like, or OMG someone is actually following us! But now, in short, life just hasn’t been the same since I have been away from you all! I have been a very bad girl…

BUT I am pleased to say that in my time away I haven’t been sitting on the couch eating bon-bons (although that is one of my favourite things to do). I/We have been very busy bees indeed! I have been playing with some propping in the studio, photographing weddings and families, working on albums, and throw in a weekend trip to Boston and you’ve got yourself a great time!

So, stay tuned…. our love and images are coming your way!

I have missed you dear blog and bloggers and social media.  It’s so nice to be back, now give us a hug and enjoy our Continuing Photographic Journey!


LOCPS xoxoxo


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